GPU and PSU (possibly Mobo but not essential) upgrade.

Hey guys, coming into some money in a week or two (around £500).

My current graphics card is a GT 545, looking at getting the EVGA Nvidia GTX 670 FTW

Current PSU is some HP 430w (bleh) was looking at getting this

Motherboard is an IPISB CH2 Chicago, with standard sort of 1333Mhz RAM, using the Zalman Z11 case to move all pieces into, Mobo isn't neccessary i hope, and i would rather keep it all under £400 if possible, thanks.

Not too fussed where i can get the pieces, just not over seas.
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  1. What is your CPU or well all of your system specs? Might be better to use that $500 to do a more balanced system upgrade depending on what you have already.
  2. That'll be a good upgrade - just make sure that you get the real FTW edition, or the FTW Signature 2. The FTW le and FTW + are both kinda bad.
  3. CPU is an i7 2600 (i know it doesn't help gaming, but shop bought pc> currently upgrading) Not sure what ram it is, just Samsung at 1333MhZ.

    Just a final check, which GPU, and PSU? and is the Motherboard ok? have been looking at Asrock Z77 range, but if someone can list the final two or three pieces with links, would be VERY grateful, thanks!
  4. Motherboard should be fine... The PSU you linked is a nice one, though it is a bit more than you need... As for the graphics card, take a look at the GTX 670 FTW sig 2 one, its about the same price but has 2 fans to cool it.
  5. Should i drop to 650w with the same brand if i can? having trouble finding the sig2.



    I think that's all, off for now will check post in the morning, thanks for the help.
  6. Yea that PSU and GPU are good choices... The GTX 670 only needs like a 450w-500w good quality PSU, that CX600 will work well.
  7. Brilliant, thanks for the help! this can be locked, or whatever happens in this forum. :)
  8. Select a best answer and it will be closed.
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