New system won't load


I just purchased a new motherboard and cpu for my system and upon installing them both, the pc boots but nothing comes on screen, by boots i mean all fans turn on and lights up but it doesn't show anything on screen or HDD monitor.

I've tried the following without any difference:

-Booting without HDD
-Booting without GPU/Used onboard one
-Booting with one memory module
-Booting with only core things hooked up

So I tried to justify what the problem was by using my old cpu (AMD Phenom II B40) and it works fine with my ram and gpu in so I guess I can rule out the motherboard.

I've tried resetting CMOS, updated my bios to latest to rule out that option as most said it may be the cause but nothing helped.


RAM: Corsair XMS3 - 4gb
gpu:gts 250 - tried with and without though

Currently I'm using my old cpu - AMD Phenom II B40 (it was an Athlon X3 but auto unlocked via mobo)

And just to clarify I bought these parts brand new, next day delivery and it's not my first time installing a system but i dont know why it's not working.
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  1. Have you tried bread-boarding the system? (Hooking everything up outside of the case)

    I would bet that something isn't seated properly or there are bent pins on the CPU...
  2. well I'm currently using it with everything besides the new cpu in so wouldn't bread boarding be useless?

    and I've tried inserting the cpu and removing it many times, I have a lot of experience with installing parts
  3. Not trying to diminish your experience....just trying to offer assistance. If the old CPU works, and the new one doesn' either has bent pins or is defective.
  4. Checked pins, they seem in tact but unsure, could be defective but it's brand new :S i'll try bread boarding tomorrow in the morning as i'm pretty tired today
  5. bread boarding didn't work either, the only reason could be the cpu pins but I don't know how they could've been bent :/ contacted the seller anyway
  6. I have built PCs since the 80's....rarely are there issues on a build, but sometimes either defective hardware is shipped, and others, including my mishandling of the product can create problems (bent pins, static electricity, etc). I would like to think that never happens....

    Hopefully the seller will issue a RMA quickly for you!
  7. well I was surprised too myself as It was brand new and sealed and for it to not boot up... well i was gutted since I'd looked forward to it for a while, so I do hope they issue me one quickly as I'd like some power in my system
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