New CPU or new GPU?


I have an intel e7200 which is a little old and definitley showing its age, I was going to upgrade it to an 3570k with a new mobo, but after only being able to play farcry 3 at 1920x1080 on low setting, with a little lag I'm think of holding those off for a bit and getting a 7950.
My current card is a 9800gtx+, would i benefit more with a 7950 or a new mobo and the 3570k?
My primary use is games, I have oced the gpu to its limit it doesn't oc well starts artifacting after only a mild OC
I can only get CPU+MOBO or GPU not both atm until I get the money,
Also, I have the e7200 at 3.2ghz

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    You will need a new motherboard to make use of that CPU, so I think upgrading the GPU now is a better choice. Besides, Far Cry 3 mainly uses GPU so it shouldn't bottleneck at all

    Edit: whoops, didn't see that you mention about getting new mobo, but my decision still stands
  2. If you'll upgrade to a new GPU, the system will bottleneck.
    And if you'll upgrade Mobo + CPU, not much increase will be there.

    So if you can then upgrade both at same time. Or else get a new GPU now and soon upgrade your Mobo + CPU.
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  4. Thanks guys I'm gonna get the 7950.
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