Full screen issues when running FarCry3


My problem is that when try to run farcry in full screen it switches between fully displaying the game in full screen to being completly black? and it continues going back and forth between full display and nothing about once every second?

Im running it at 1920x1080, i have a Radeon HD 7770 with up-to-date drivers and i have no idea why this is happening? any help would be much appreicated

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  1. hi there dose this appen on every game you run ?
  2. Well honistly this is my first PC game, im trying to move off consoles and start PC gaming as i have been told its much better
  3. ok id reccomend you try another pc game for the reason it MAY be driver related as i am on a amd 7870with no issues what driver version do you have installed ?
  4. and one more question what is your temps like in games ?
  5. here is a link to a question of a simlier nature where the gamer gets cut off games with no signal


    the only other reason i could think of is that the 7770 is just not powerful enough to run farcry 3 bare in mind im going on what ive read but apparently the 7970 just gets comfortable FPS on the highest settings so depending on your settings id be looking somewhere along those lines

    hope i helped
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