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I am new to the forums so I'm sorry if its wrong category.... Uh anyway I like to play WoW and Arma 2, but my desktop is crappy and I would like to upgrade but don't know much about desktops specs, I do know laptop specs more.

Tower: HP Slimline
CPU Type:
AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor

CPU Speed:
3.02 GHz

Video Card Model:
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

Video Card Driver:

Desktop Resolution:

I need a new motherboard because it causes WoW to crash, my budget is $400 max and I won't have enough money for it till my birthday in early March so I won't be able to do sales or deals going on right now. Appreciate any help. Also I am willing to use the money available to get a better tower if its required.
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  1. I put it under prebuilt because my computer was store bought, sorry if its wrong forum
  2. Also need help on power supply, etc.
  3. As your system is a bit dated, you may be better off building a new one in the long run. But if you must stay with this rig to stay on budget, I would upgrade the video card to a 7750. I don't know what case this is in, so make sure it uses full height PCI slots in order to fit the new video card and has a PCIE slot. It's probably the onboard graphics that are causing your games to crash. For power supplies (again, I am assuming an ATX sized case), I would go with a lower wattage model from Seasonic. 450w should be enough for that rig and a new video card. You should list the name and model number of your PC so we can help you out more.
  4. Where could I find the the name and model number? I'll just go whole new system. List everything I'll need for it. Every part, I have windows already so I just need a tower, power supply, graphics card, motherboard, hard drive, etc.
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