7850 oc with seasonic s12ii

i am planning a rig with msi 7850 power edition,i5 2500k,z77 extreme 4 and seasonic s12ii 620w.....i may crossfire the gpu the power supply ok for that??????and also currently i'll be playing at 1600x900 with the single 7850 to get max performance ....will the cf setup be able to play at 1920x1080 at max setiings 50-60fps?...
and also is there is any other cheaper card that can give 50-60fps on most games at 1600x900?
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  1. That PSU is enough for OC too.
    But your 7850 will not max the games on 1080p with 50 fps.
    You'll have to turn off MSAA on 1600x900 Ultra.
    It also depends on the Games you play.
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    Two HD 7850 will max out all games without any problems at 1080p. Your power supply is enough for two cards as well.
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