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You guys see any issues with this build??

Purpose: HDTVBox: - Streaming & lite to medium games.

Video card: EVGA GeForce GTX260 Core 216 896MB DDR3 PCI-Express 2.0

The rest:

OK...OK... I know the mobo is overkill, but damn it, I just want it. Call it future proofing or whatever.

Something that I am confused about... Do I use the HDMI on the GPU (USING a DVI to HDMI adapter)
or do I use the HDMI out on the mobo?

Thanks guys,
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  1. swap psu with this
    and HDD with this

    then it is just perfect :) love your mobo picks :) people shouldnt cheap out on mobo since it is tied with OS, failed mobo will lead to getting new activation key/license
  2. Thanks... so mem and mobo combo are ok?
  3. thats okay :) sweet ddr3 1600 and z77
  4. Thanks... I'm already over budget on these parts. I just have to live with it for now :)
  5. What do you think about that video card?
  6. Video card: EVGA GeForce GTX260 Core 216 896MB DDR3 PCI-Express 2.0
    i thought you already had it

    if not, it is the worst option to pick power hungry 2008 card. there is always 7770, 7850 1GB, or 7850 2GB :) buy whicever you can afford
  7. I do have it. New in Box... I'll get a better one later on :)
  8. I've never seen a new graphics card that's under 1GB since 2012... Get a better one when your budget allows you to. Use a DVI-to-HDMI adapter unless you want to use Intel's substandard integrated graphics. However I don't think DVI supports audio, so you might have to plug in seperate audio if you use an adapter.
  9. Wow...damn it...

    Your right, (DVI no audio) so what is the best way to approach this now?

    I guess I could use the audio outs from the mobo and use a DVI to HDMI adapter for video... but I still have not had my other question answered...

    If I use the HDMI output that's on the mobo, how does that effect the video card? Will the system still use the card for graphics processing power or exactly what will happen here?

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    You need to take out the video card first in order to use the HDMI on the mobo. If all goes well you should have a display; if not put the video back and tweak BIOS. When a video card is plugged in it only uses the output on the video card.
  11. Well... that sucks.
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