Video streaming and graphic cards

I watch live sports through video streaming. The quality is terrible when full screen.
My system is: Dell XPS8100 with Intel i7-860
GTS240 graphic card
Corsair TX650M psu
IIYAMA Prolite E2210HDS monitor
Will changing to a modern graphics card i.e. AMD HD7770 improve the quality of the image, reduce the choppyness and constant respooling.
My adsl line is not ultra fast. Download 1.44 Mbps, upload 0.68Mbps
Many thanks

Michael Henry
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  1. Hey. Unfortunately, graphics card does not render videos, it just displays what is available. Since your graphics card is GTS 240, it's already fast enough for watching videos and buying a new graphics card will not affect their quality at all.

    I'm sure if you go to and search for a "1080p" video, and play it at 1080p setting in fullscreen it will look great.

    The only solution to your problem would probably be finding a better quality stream.
  2. you adsl line might be too slow for full screen streaming. run speedtest.
  3. Sunius. Many thanks for the prompt responses. You have saved me spending €125 on a new card.
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