AMD 7870 GHZ EDITION VS AMD 7970+CCC 12.11

Ok here is my question i recently got the xfx 7870 GHZ edition card with a gpu clock of 1000MHZ and a memory clock of 1200 MHZ no boubt about it this card gives the 7970 a running for its money but is it really worth the price for the 1gb of memory increase over the 7870 and what will my 7870 benefit from in the new coming 12.11 CCC driver update ??

many thanks in advance
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  1. The 7870 was supposed to gain a lot in certain games, such as bf3, with the 12.11. My 7870 has constant flickering in Skyrim with 12.11 so I am on 12.8, 12.10 does it too. The extra memory isn't really important unless you have multiple monitors or a 2560 monitor. What is important is that the 7970 is quite a bit more powerful than the 7870.
  2. but dosent it also consume more power from the psu ?
  3. Yeah it does, but not a ton. What's your psu?
  4. Yes, pretty much every graphics card that is a higher tier than the previous will consume more power. That is simply because it has a lot more raw, well, power. The 7970 does use more power than the 7870 ghz edition and also is a notable upgrade over the 7870 ghz edition, especially when the 7970 can also be overclocked as well.

    As for the memory difference, it won't matter than much at 1080p gaming, but if you add on monitors, it could become an issue if you keep trying to play at the highest possible settings (which the 7870 ghz edition still can't do, while the 7970 can).
  5. my psu is a xfx 750 watt XXX edition just one more question what GPU upgrade will benefit me after my 7870 ? i heard AMD will be doing a hd 8000 series card ? if so can you please suggest a suitable upgrade from a 780 please
  6. sorry for mis spelling i ment upgrade from a 7870
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