SUPER AMD BUILD. Need Advice! ^_^

Hii there. Finally after weeks of research and looking for what components suited me best, trough " " i was able to assemble all the parts i needed/wanted to achieve my goal. I am going to setup crossfire/eyefinity. All i ask is for a couple experts to review my choices, and comment on if its a good assembly. And what i could do to somehow save a couple bucks, or significantly improve performance etc. Thank you !!
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  1. it is super intel build, oh it should be super AMD RADEON build :D thank you for calling my name lol

    btw can you squeeze more budget to make it 7970 cfx?
  2. Gosh... Dunno. each 7970 goes for like 450.00, tough squeeze :/ otherwise, all good?
  3. Looks awesome, make sure your RAM doesn't have heatspreaders, and change to air cooling. The Hyper 212 EVO is much better and quiet. 2 7950's should be good.
  4. Thakyou so much for the input :D and are you sure its better than the water cooling? Better cooling? i mean the 2012 Evo is much cheaper. :/
  5. It is much cheaper, safer people say liquid cooling can come defective and leak and break the motherboard and it is more quiet.
  6. dude... 212 evo is legendary cooler, almost everyone here love this air cooler
  7. Sounds Awesome. In fact, that was my first choice, but than thought Liquid was better. Obviously not, Thanks a lot, now i know what CPU Cooler to choose ^^
  8. And why no heat spreaders?
  9. here ill fix it.

    -decided to go with a 660ti given it performs on the same level yet is 30 bucks cheaper
    -have you played with 3 monitors for at least 2 hrs before? and have you actually gained gaming performance? if not, dont bother
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