Disconnects/PPPoE troubles - router or ISP?

Hey there!

I have the following problem: For about three weeks I've been experiencing connection losses, though I didn't change anything about my setup.

Modem: CN AR801 (provided by ISP). Router: Linksys WRT54GL (with latest firmware). Connected to these are my desktop machine (Win 7 64 bit), a rarely used Xbox (both wired) and my phone (wireless). As I said, I didn't have any problems until a few weeks ago.

The connection losses occur quite irregulary. Sometimes it happens every few minutes, then nothing for several hours. I can still reach the router when it happens, and I get a 'PPPoE authentication fail' when trying to reconnect. After a few tries, it usually works again. Rebooting the computer (without resetting Modem and/or router) also seems to work everytime.

I think removing the router from the equation prevents disconnects, but I'm not entirely sure, due to the random timing of the problem.

Is it likely that this is a problem with the router? Or could the ISP have changed something on their side (authentication-wise)?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :)
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  1. Hello there!

    Your router should be fine, but dump that modem, it's terrible.

    Or you can try one of the open source firmwares for your router.

    Or you can try to establish the connection using your pc and that "modem" and let the router get the connection from your pc to "spread the word" for you xbox and phone.

    Or call your ISP and tell them to check your connection.

    Good luck.
  2. Did you manage to solve your problems? In this case the ones concerning your internet connection? ;-)
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