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Windows 7 Read Only Problem!!!!!! Epidemic Bug!

Let me say first thati have pirated copy of Windows 7. Already bought 1 for my other pc dont want to buy a second as im a student. So a few days ago, my stupid pc auto updated it self and i got a msg that my win7 wasn't genuin.
I think this problem occures with genuin Windows versions aswell.

Ok so i thought id reinstall Windows 7. Done that lots of times before and usually no problem. But this time!!! Dam! I have tried to install Windows 6 Times now! Yes 6 times! And every freaking time after installation prossess i go to a random folder and right click it. And guess what, it says read only!!! Ok fair enough. Im the administrator with all the rights i can possible get, atleast i thought. So i uncheck read only and apply and press ok. Than i right click again and its still the same!!! I went into properties of the Partition it self and saw that there was an administrator with my username and a non adiminstrator with my username. So i thought i might not have the permission. So i gave every user every permission exept special which is grayd out. And tried again but still nothing.

Iv been reading online that this is a pandemic bug problem and that it have happend since the start of XP and vista. And some say it started occuring after a patch in windows update 13 feb or something.

So my first thought was, have Microsoft finally taken the fight up against pirates. Making a patch that checks if its pirated or not in some way, and that they add it during the installation of Windows. Leaving windows 7 totoally useless. As i cant install ***, since every folder is read only!

I put the theory to the test and unpluged my internet while installing.
But without luck. So i wonder now if microsoft did it so whene you delete and format partitions, it dosnt format everything. Perhaps the anti pirate files that makes this permission read only crap activate is kept safe.

Tomorrow i will try to hook my disk up to another PC to give it a full clean formatation. And than try to install it. Anny one knows a good software to totaly wipe out all data from a disk.

This answear from microsoft is sooo full of bullshit!

Program for removal of read only! (dont work)

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  1. We do not assist with pirated software.
  2. Best answer
    well since you have a pirated copy of windows you are in the wrong place to ask for help

    no piracy allowed here

    read the forum rules
  3. Ok so dont assist me but read the post benith and answear the poor people who has legit versions. This is a major Problem for 1000's of people!
    I also said I have a legit version on my primary pc.
    So plz not for me but for all those poor fellows out there read the post benith and google the problem! Guess i shouldnt have been honest. How can i a student be able to buy 2 win7 ultimate editions. To expensiv. Already bought 1.
  4. Hi :)

    You ADMITTED you have a PIRATE version of Windows....

    The rules here say we are NOT allowed to help you AT ALL...

    Also it wasnt your brightest moment to admit it.....

    All the best Brett :)
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