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I recently built my first computer. I loved the experience and id love to build another. Problem is I don't have a lot of money and I really really want to build another. Is there anything I can do to satisfy this craving? Other than nicotene patches, what can I do? I think I can build a really cheap computer, but what components?
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  1. First off you need to set a budget. Do you intend on gaming on this rig?
  2. No gaming, id like to try out linux and it'll just be used for web browsing and youtube videos
  3. UGH I forgot id like to stay under 200
  4. A 1155 mobo with a celeron cpu no videocard, cheap hard drive and 4gb of ddr3 ram should be fine for a linux and no gaming.
  5. If you have a microcenter grab a fx4100 with board for 90, msi case for 20, diablotek el 600 watt psu for 25(it's 40 amps on a single 12v+ rail and on your budget you can't be picky). Refurb hard drive for 50 and optical and misc such as mouse and keyboard. Ram is about 20 for 4 gb.
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