Where To Buy Gaming Laptop Online? Why?


The thread title says it all.

Where and why?
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  1. Amazon has some awesome Asus Laptops, depends also on your budget. I would avoid Alienware, reviews tell Dell's customer support is not good and they are called overpriced. has some nice laptops, also has them.

    You can also try It depends on your budget also.
  2. Boooooooooooooo. I was fishing for Xotic or Sager for some piece of mind. You literally just named some of the sh**tiest sites to purchase from (minus Newegg and Amazon). :)

    Thanks, though!
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    I'm sorry, those both sites haves some nice laptops not so cheap because gaming laptops aren't cheap.
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  5. abeaty1 said:
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    nI bought one from a few years back. It was a good machine, and the customer service was excellent. Pricey, though; as loresr97 says, high-end gaming on laptops just isn't cheap. It's also not cool, energy-efficient (battery life), or quiet. ;)
    nBut those things are getting better all the time, I suppose. Don't let my experience with a ~5 year old machine sway you.
    nAlso, as you probably know, Clevo makes (or at least used to make) Sager notebooks/laptops. AVADirect sells Clevos.
  6. whats ur budget ?
  7. We can help you to the best of our abilities once you tell us what your budget is.
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