Hp Compaq dc7800 + GTX 650

So got a dc7800 small form desktop running win7 ultimate, 4gb ram, intel core duo 2.53Ghz just bought a GIGABYTE gtx 650 so 2gb using 1.1Ghz, the fan spins but when I use the disk it says "the graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". since then update the BIOS and the q35 chipset and hasnt made a change, any suggestions?
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  1. that pc comes with a 125 watt external powersupply, and you got a lowprofile version of that card or a pci version.

    here are the drivers http://www.gigabyte.com/support-downloads/download-center.aspx?kw=650
  2. not sure exactly what card you have but on gigabytes site for card GV-N650OC-2GI
    gtx 650 2gb
    ********System power supply requirement: 400W ******

  3. low profile are the smaller cards right? i got the full sized one, so it is twice as wide as the actual computer haha.
    I've already tried 306.23 driver and that had the same result, the driver on the disk is 305.57
  4. so whats the best way to give the card the power it needs?
  5. for anyone who read this, did more research and the motherboard is not capable of a power supply of 250watts or something. even so, because its a hp computer only a certain model of a power supply made by hp will be able to plug into it, and these are only made to 250watts. My solution was to buy a new motherboard for $50, scavenged a 400watt power supply from an old computer and used the duo core processor from the old motherboard, pluged my graphics card in, now playing skyrim on ultra graphics with an enb :)
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