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I have a dual-head setup with two 17" CRT monitors running Linux with OpenBox. The monitors are circa 2000 but they still work fine. I have considered in the past replacing them with LCD monitor(s) but the ones I have tested have been lower quality (in my opinion) than my CRTs. I find them a bit blurry mostly.

However I understand that today the higher-end LCDs should have good quality imaging and also I have read the most reports indicate that eye strain is lower in LCDs than CRTs. A few anecdotal reports are the opposite, but the research appears to be that LCD is better. I indeed have eye strain and also I have trouble falling asleep at night.

I use this PC for web development only--no gaming nor videos. I work at night as well, which probably contributes to the sleep problem. I just installed f.lux so hopefully that will help a bit.

Anyhow, the question I wanted to ask is what can people recommend for monitors? I have two issues. One is I want good quality. It doesn't have to be the very best because I am also not going to pay over $1K USD for a monitor, but I would consider paying close to that if I felt it was worth it.

The second is that I am accustomed to my dual head setup (1024x768 on each for a total of 2048x768). So I'm guessing that either I should keep that basic idea and get two square or 3:4 monitors or I could get one very wide screen to replace both. I did found this Dell UltraSharp U2713m review at cnet. It has 2560x1440 resolution which is more than what I have. It's IPS which I believe is the high quality type of LCD.

However, I presently have two 32 centimeter wide screens for a total of 64 cm. I found here that this Dell UltraSharp is 63.9 cm wide. Thus the dot pitch (Pixel Pitch apparently they call it now) is a good bit higher for the Dell. Dell's site says this monitor has a Pixel Pitch of 0.23 mm and response of "8ms (grey to grey)" which I think is also OK. Anyhow with a higher pixel pitch, everything will be smaller which I don't think will help me because all of my text etc. is already the size I like. :)

I am not in particular interested in this monitor in the least. I just found that it might be a way to replace my two with one. On the other hand, with two I can angle each towards my head which must be better for viewing than one very large flat surface. Probably two would be cheaper as well.

OK that's about what I know. Any feedback/suggestions are appreciated. :)
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  1. I recently upgraded my monitors (thanks to one dying) to two dell 2240's which are also IPS panels and so far (about 5 months now) they have been great. I would prefer two 4:3 panels but good luck in finding them in IPS
  2. popatim said:
    I would prefer two 4:3 panels but good luck in finding them in IPS

    Seems the Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch Flat Panel Monitor is such,.

    Also the HP LP2065 20-inch LCD Monitor seems it can be purchased with IPS.

    Also the NEC MultiSync® LCD2090UXi is an S-IPS 20 inch monitor, although this seems to be an old monitor and at $800 (from one site I saw) it seems like it's quite overpriced. The Dell UltraSharp U2713m is only $800 and it's 27 inches. :)

    Actually, it seems all of these are 4 year old products. I now see that 4:3 LCDs are considered "legacy."

    Then I found this very interesting post The IPS LCD Revolution from Jeff Atwood from July 26, 2012 and he includes a picture of his 3-head setup using 16:9 27" IPS LCDs. Seems that two 16:9 monitors can work together--he has three! (I don't know about buying from Korea however, heh heh)

    On the other hand, regarding a 2008 machine, someone called Travis Owens posted on that same page in a comment that his 2004 IPS is working great. So perhaps a 2008 monitor is not a problem.

    I poked around Google and Amazon and other sites etc. etc. and it's quite difficult to sift through all the information and reviews etc. etc.
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