How to increase video ram in Samsung series 2 laptop

My laptop is core i3, 4 gb ram with intel hd 3000 graphic card, my minimum video ram is 64 mb, can i increase it 128 mb,
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  1. that option will be in bios, press del key when booting to access it
  2. No. Your gpu is built into your cpu.
  3. Thanks, let me check it.
  4. Integrated graphic card will use as much as it needed.
  5. You don't have to increase it. It will use as much as it needs and will adjust on the fly.
  6. Yes my system is using maximum more tha 1 gb, but due to minimum 64 mb, i can't play few games due to requirement of 128 mb, but still i am fail to change the minimum 64 mb figure even in bios by entering the del button.
    Please tell me in detail how it is possible.
  7. You cannot. It was an option on older motherboards, but then they made it automatic. Anyway, why do you say you cannot play it? As soon as demands climb up for video ram, it will allocate as much as it needs.
  8. Ok, i am giving u an example pes2013 game, when i start it, it gives a msg, THE SYSTEM CANNOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS, REQUIRED 128 MB GRAPHIC CARD,
    Msg something like this, and these are the teasing words for me.
  9. And what happens then?
  10. Options to click,
    nothing else, and game do not run with any option.
  11. Is the intel graphic driver up to date?
  12. My driver version is
  13. Updating driver will only help increase performance.
    Intel graphics 3000 is only 64-128mb's of graphics memory, even tho it doesn't register as so.
    Based on what processor u have, swell as motherboard model and bios version will determine whether or not the game will register the game128 mbps's.
    I would suggest putting out a little cash, sell url current laptop and buy a hp dv100+ or the Samsung series 3 gaming laptop like mine. It's amazing and has 2+ gigs of gpu memory and a quad core cpu for only $550 at future shop. There is no real fix for your laptop as you have explored almost all options available to your laptop.
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