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Hello, I'm thinking about upgrading my GPU as at the moment the one I have, for want of a better term, sucks major ****.
I don't have much to spend as i am a student but have shopped around and found the following card:

this is right in my budget and from what I know about this topic, which is little, it seems like it should do the trick for what I want. Which I should mention is to be able to play Skyrim on medium or high settings with around 30 FPS or higher, and if you guys dont think it will do could you reccomend a card that would be able to? my budget is a max of £100 sadly.

My specs:
AMD bulldozer quad core 4100 4.2 GHZ CPU
500W PSU.

If i have left any information out please tell me and, thank you
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  1. Well heres a video of a guy playing on that same card with ultra settings, and seems to work fine.

    hope it helps.
  2. Weell... it'll likely do what you're asking for, but that's only if it works. Most of us on Tom's are leery of going for a used part when you can't inspect it for damage. (Both physical and internal.)
  3. i know what you're getting at but i dont have the money to get a new or unused one that will be able to run it well. so i either compromise power, or risk a few problems tech wise :/
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