Tell me how to setup my system to boot between windows xp and 7/8

Basically I have all the parts I need (or so I hope) as follows.

Gigabyte z77x ud5h
GTX 670 (gigabyte)
16 gb corsair ddr3 1600
samsung 840 pro 256 GB

Spare hard drives not an issue

All i want is to be able to do a stand alone install of windows xp and windows 7/8 (havent decided which)

I believe i have only a few options for a clean and stable setup.

1. Install windows 7/8 on the ssd by itself and install xp on a HDD
2. Install both with separate partitions on the same ssd above (i understand there are complications which I am studying, but i would prefer this to make xp faster in general)

Im asking you guys which is easy and best, maybe which to do first, and possibly what I should watch out for or if this is even possible. Talking me out of xp is not what im after, xp compatibility is not 100%.

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  1. personally i will go with xp+7 in 1 ssd in separated partition. make sure the order is :
    install xp first
    then install 7, this way will make xp partition recognized by 7 bootloader

    afaik there is no way you can dual install with 8, even at separate HDD as 8 bootloader is very offensive and overwrite any bootloader in all HDD

    i hope someone prove me wrong and give more info
  2. Best answer
    I would go with Option 1, its the cleanest and simplest way to do it IMO.
    Since you have a high end mobo, when it POST's it should have the option to boot into different drives, my Extreme4 does. Just hit F5 or whichever button and select the XP drive when you want to get into it.
  3. I guess 8 is too new to really know if it will behave as windows 7. I figured option 1 would be the easiest way, my last question is with all this newer hardware can xp still work with all of them? I dont suppose they release drivers for xp anymore... I'm hoping mobos and cpus right now are still compatible with xp..

    If I did go with windows 8 i guess i can install xp on a HDD and then install windows 8 on the SSD afterwards with the xp HDD removed?
  4. Yep, when you install the OS' to their drives you want all other drives disconnected. Windows has a bad habit of putting files on other drives which it will kick up a fuss about if you remove them later.
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