Eligible for Rebate???

So recently I purchased a Msi radeon 7770 from Newegg. I decided to get a rebate for the card and dealt with that a few days ago. The only problem is, I won't have all the parts for my build until christmas time and I don't know if the graphic card actually works. When sending in the rebate I had to take off the bar code and serial number from the box and send to msi. If the card doesn't work, will I still be eligible for an RMA?
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    Yes, you will still be covered. In the future, make a copy of the bar code info before you send out.

    Good luck!
  2. Not unless you can ship it to them within 30 days, through newegg. You might be covered within MSI's warranty, but none of us have memorized it. Best thing to do right now is two-fold: ask MSI, and plug the card into someone else's computer to see if it runs like it's supposed to.
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