What is a good deal on a decent gaming computer?

I would like something that I could play games like Minecraft efficiently. I tried to run it with my old computer, but it is way to laggy, even with the lowest settings. I found this deal on that I was considering, but I wonder if there is anything better. I really can't afford to spend over $400 unfortunately. Thanks in advance for any help!

Preferably not a laptop though. I already found a great deal on an HD monitor and it will be coming in soon.
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    Well its running on integrated graphics, so gaming performance wont be that great no matter how you put it. And at this budget its pretty much all you can get.

    If you can stretch a bit further to get this rig.
    You will get much better performance and have the ability to easily upgrade the rig later on. Something like a HD7750/70 would go nicely with this rig.
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