7950 or 7970?

I have just bought a new monitor with 2560x1440 in resolution and I am planning to buy a new graphics card to it. I live in Sweden so the prices here are not the same as for example the US. I have looked at a bunch of benchmarks but i can't decide if the 7970 is worth the extra money. What do you think? I want to play modern games on highest graphics but is the 7950 capable of that? I am looking at AMDs GPUs because from what I have seen they perform better with that high resolution compared to Nvidias equivalents.

So i have three choices:

PowerColor HD7970 V3 = 510 USD

XFX HD7970 = 506 USD

Sapphire HD7950 with boost = 375 USD

Which one do you think i should purchase?

Thanks in advance

// Chigge
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  1. Boost 7950 vs 7970 http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/645?vs=508 you can see your resolutions there in some of the benchmarks and see it's 5-10fps difference for $140
  2. Thanks allot for the quick reply, so it's around a 10% increase with the 7970 which I don't think is enough. Thank you!
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