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About 30 days ago i bought an MSI R7950 this one to be precise found it gets slightly warmer then my old VTX 5850 idle temp for past 30 days have been 35c-45c depending on my ambient temps but last 2 days idle temp is sitting at 53c-57c but ambient hasn't changed ive opened my PC and cleaned fans to help air flow, Any suggestions?

Fan speed is set to auto on MSI Afterburner also have the corsair 600t SE case (not greatest air flow i know, shame cant mount fan on the side might have to bodge job it)

full load playing Farcry 3 for around an hour is low 70s i find playing World Of Warcraft for same time temp is mid 60s which is abit high.

Also thinking of getting an Accelero Xtreme Cooler (mainly to help with the sound more then temps) but MSI said itl void my warranty, Seen MSI reps say aslong (On other forums) as i dont break anything installing the cooler and replace with stock if need to RMA then my warranty will stay, Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this?

Sorry this has turned into an essay
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  1. What are specs for the rest of your system (including the make/model of your power supply)? Also, are you overclocking anything (CPU, GPU, or memory)?
  2. COLGeek said:
    What are specs for the rest of your system (including the make/model of your power supply)? Also, are you overclocking anything (CPU, GPU, or memory)?

    I7 3770K
    8GB Corsair Vengeance
    MSI Z77A-G45 Z77
    h60 Cpu Cooler
    128 Crucial M4 SSD + 1tb Samsung F4 + 250GB Hitatchi Deskstar
    OCZ Technology 550W ZT Series Fully-Modular Power Supply
    Corsair 600t SE Case (Using Stock Fan Setup)

    No over clocks apart from default OC with the GPU which is how the model comes
  3. How old is your PSU and what are your CPU and memory temps at idle and under load?
  4. PSU is approx 6 months old and was fine in my old build.

    CPU is idling at 31c atm (PC has been on for 2 hours) havent checked under load, how do you check memory temps?
  5. Using an app like hwmonitor will provide the info. As will speccy.
  6. CPU 35c
    Mobo 28c
    hitatchi drive 26c
    samsung f4 26c

    is no temps for memory.
  7. No problem on memory temps. Not all have the necessary sensors. Yours temps look okay.

    Are your drivers up to date? Also, if you enable manual fan control and set to 70%, do the operating temps drop?
  8. yes there slowly dropping currently at 48c, i had my fans set to auto (35-40%) and idle at 38c few days ago so not sure why they changed.

    70% is quite loud tho.

    Not dropped lower then 48c at the moment.

    Latest drivers are installed.
  9. Just checking that the temp sensors are working and that fan control is as well. What driver version were you using before the temp increase occurred?
  10. same driver version that im using now.
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