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My 56K modem is only connecting at 28.8!

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January 14, 2002 6:00:27 PM

I just built a new system. ECS K7VTA3 mb, Micron 256bm, Maxtor ATA133 40bg, SB Live! Value, LiteOn24X, Epson C80, ATI Rage 128 2000, Antec SX630.

Actiontec PCI V.92 V.44 Call waiting Modem (controller based - new #PCIV9212-01CW

Win98SE - was having problems with Win2k :( 

Got everything working fine except for the modem. The drivers got installed okay I think. There are no hardware conflicts in the system profile. I tried connecting to my ISP and it will only connect at half what it should!

I tried moving the modem to a different PCI slot and re-install -> same results though..

No help in the manual or web page.

The motherboard has one of those ANR slots and built in AC97 sound. I disabled that crap in the BIOS.

I tried have the BIOS set to "Plug and Play OS installed: No(default) & Yes" And reinstalled each time. Same results each way.

Tried various new sever connection settings, but the defaults always worked for me in the past with this ISP.

I EVEN TRIED INSTALLING A DIFFERENT MODEM. The Actiontec is a quality modem. But I picked up a controllerless V.90 Creative Labs PCI modem for $22.50 at Best Buy and installed it. Same results: connects at 28.8K (actually the Actiontec only connects at 26.7K usually, I think Actiontec kinda connects a little slower than some others. Can anyone verify this?)

Anyway, as you can see both modems are only connecting at half speed. Any suggestions? I have to fix this. Everything else works terrific.

You know Computer stores won't be able to fix it because they'll just try to sell you the stuff they build machines with and they probably don't know other hardware well. So I really need your expertise.

Okay. I should clarify even more. I was trying to make the previous post too long.

I built the system for my cousin. I myself already have the older V.90 PCI modem and it works fine on my system (actually it connects at 50K usually and I recently tried a free after rebate 56K modem on my machine and connected at 52K and the surf speed really did feel zippier). I got the new V.92 Actiontec for my cousin. Using my ISP account with same dial in number (he lives 5 miles away) to test his system we got the half speed results.

I didn't bring his system to my house to test on my lines nor did I bring my computer to his for a control. However, my neighborhood is almost 30 years old and his is all brand new development practically.

I also tried multiple phone cords.

He's going to sign up for his own ISP (a diff company) tonight and I told him to see if their tech support can help.

Please help. Thanks.

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January 14, 2002 6:44:21 PM

It might be your phone line.
January 15, 2002 12:35:02 AM

I have the same problem with my computer. I bought a new modem too, but I was going to anyway for the computer I was building for myself. The one I have a bad connection on a 56k modem is the one im on right now. It connects at 26400 and other various crappy speeds. I found out that it was because the phone line company was putting in new phone lines because of the area code number change around us. So now I got a crappy connection till they get all that set up. So it is probably your phone lines.
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January 15, 2002 3:31:57 PM

Where do you live? I live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago and our area code is 847. They also screwed up our area code so now I have to dial local numbers (within 847 area code) like a long distance number (i.e. 1-847-XXX-XXXX).

However, the inet still worked fine at my house, but my cousin also lives in 847 except he live 5 miles down the street from me and I tried using the same access number. I will be home from school this weekend and will try various new tests. Thanks.
January 15, 2002 11:15:01 PM

It's probably the phone line. The same thing happens to us. We connect at 28.8, aNd sometimes 26.4 The phone company did some work on the outside phone lines, so we thought we would connect faster, but it turns out that we connected at 9.6 for the first time. Ever since though, we have been connecting at 28.8

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January 16, 2002 4:49:23 AM

people, thats number is just a number, it doesnt mean much. what transfer speeds are you getting?

i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.