Noisy computer, "loading" sound but no HDD

Hey guys,

My computer is making a lot of noise. It sounds like when a hard drive is loading, but the thing is.. I dont have one. I run with a pure SSD setup. I'm kinda frustrated at the moment because I can't locate it, even though I've had my head inside the tower many times.

What do you think could be the cause of this? I've been thinking the motherboard, I've just never heard about them being noisy.

My motherboard is running at the max setting, 2400Mhz, since my RAM is running at that speed too. It has also been overclocked to 4Ghz by increasing the multiplier from 34 to 40. Aside from that I haven't changed the settings. These loading sounds appear immediately, already while starting up the computer.

I don't think it is coil whine from the PSU. The noise reacts promptly to activity and specifically to loading things. Coil whine would be more constant.

I hope you can help me out with this.
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  1. That's a fan revving up to max before electronic fan controls kick in - either that or your CPU cooler revving up and down.

    Your motherboard is never going to produce more noise than other components.
  2. There's no revving, I don't think it is the fans. It is too instant for that. It sounds exactly like HHD's do.

    I've had a hard time finding a usable video, but here is a video that kinda explains how it sounds. The pattern of the sounds is the same, but mine doesn't sound like a fan is hitting something:

    That sound is there 0.1 secs after putting the slightest load on it and ends 0.1 secs after it's done. When opening browser windows. When following links in my internet browser and when closing my internet browser. Almost everything. When it loads, that sound is there.
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