New card? or crossfire?

hey i have a computer with the following specs;
AMD bulldozer quadcore 4.2GHZ CPU
AMD radeon 6450 GPU
500W PSU

and im having problems playing games, even relatively old ones like fallout 3, on high settings and its annoying. so i was thinking should i just get an entirely new GPU or maybe get another 6450 and run them in crossfire?
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  1. You need a better graphics card. Crossfiring a 6450 won't buy you much performance since its not really meant to game. 6670 is the very low end of gaming cards but I suggest you go several notches up from there.,3107.html
  2. What is your budget?
    What is your PSU?

    Do not crossfire 6450!
  3. I had a 6450! Its was $30 and should not be crossfire'd. There are many great GPU's that will DESTORY the 6450. I Just wait for a good deal and spend at least 100 bucks.

    There have been some super cheap 6870s going down. 130-140ish with shipping. Just wait for a deal.
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