Nvidia 3D for other graphic cards?

Already, well.. I just finished my first PC build after asking for part recommendations here a few weeks back, I'm very happy everything came together and is working amazingly, however, I'm back for another (possibly stupid) question. For my build I went with an HD 7970 card, and a BenQ Professional Gaming monitor which supports Nvidias 3D, not even thinking about 3D at the time of purchase, now I'd like to use it since I have it, but I'm not sure if I can, not having an Nvidia card. I'm now considering trading off to a GTX 670-680, just for 3D. So I guess I'm just wanting to know if 3D would be worth it, if there's a better way, or just opinions. Also, my main activity is BF3/Movies (Blu-Rays). Thanks for the help in advance, you guys are awesome. -Jason

Edit: Forgot to mention, I do plan to move up to 3 monitors over the next 4-5 months.
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  1. Good idea. Swap the card before its return period is up. It's worth it every last bit :).
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