Radeon 6670 - 2 or 3 monitors? No DP Port.

I have a 6670 card in my PC which has a DVI, HDMI, and VGA port. If I'm reading the internet correctly I can only have 2 monitors on a card that does not have a DP port correct?

If so, what is the best way to get 3 monitors going. I have a 3rd monitor staged and ready that has a VGA and DVI port.

Should I buy another cheap card. I've been getting some 1GB cards for 40 that work and put it on. Or should I get another card that has a DP port on it?

This is for a work PC only. No games.
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  1. An HD 6670 without DP output port can only support 2 monitors indeed. I'd suggest getting another cheap AMD card if your motherboard has a second slot - something like HD 5450 will do.


    Though, if you choose to buy a different card, make sure it is an AMD card. You would be calling trouble by trying to run both AMD and Nvidia card at the same time on one PC.
  2. I beleive the 'official' rules for multi monitors only allows for 2 non-DP displays no matter which AMD card you get.
  3. Which card specifically? It is possible, though unlikely, that the card was designed to use all 3 ports and actively converts the dp signal within the card. Some are built this way, though I'd be surprised to find it on a 6670.
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