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Hello. I would like to know your opinion on few of my ideas for a new casual gaming PC.
My current specs are:
Dual core E6600 3.06GHz
Asrock G31M-S mobo
2x DDR2 1gb RAM
HD 4350
400W codegen

Since there is no upgrade path for this old system, I want to buy a new CPU, Motherboard and RAM. I have some ideas.
Firstly, an i3 3220 3.30GHz, Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 1600Mhz HyperX or 2x2gb RAM and a MSI B75MA-P45 motherboard. I will buy these parts this or next month, but month after that I will buy a HD 7750 and a new power supply. And when the i3 gets too slow for me I will buy a i5 or i7 cpu. IMO this setup would be great for casual gaming. What do you think?
Also what is the difference between i3 processors like 2120, 2130 and so on. And what is Processing Die Lithography and does 32nm and 22nm structures make a huge difference in performance?
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  1. The difference in Sandy bridge over Ivy bridge isnt high enough for me to justify the purchase of it, so i would go with a 32nm Sandy bridge i3, and save up for a 7770.
  2. Lithography uses simple chemical processes to create an image. In art, caustic substances are used to etch a negative image into a metal or stone plate, so to be able to print a positive image off that plate.

    It’s pretty much the same for microprocessors, but on a much smaller scale. A die is used to mass produce processors, but instead of etching into a metal plate it’s a silicon wafer. The name of the lithography process, 32nm or 22 nm) is indicative of the size of the process. 22 nanometers refers to the average half-pitch (i.e., half the distance between identical features) of a memory cell at this technology level. Nano refers to one billionth of a meter, so we are talking about very-very small structures. It’s much more complicated than that, but this gives you a basic understanding.

    Yes, your choices would make a good basic gaming machine. Yes, there is only about a 10% gain from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge. The big difference between the different i3 models is speed.
  3. you should just start off with a hd 7850 and duel core celeron sandbrige and up grade to a i5
  4. cooldex said:
    you should just start off with a hd 7850 and duel core celeron sandbrige and up grade to a i5

    My mobo and PSU wouldn't allow a 7850, but I think it's not a good idea to buy a celeron. I've heard that they are the worst from 1155 sockets.
  5. If not an i3 a top of the line Pentium. Leave the Celerons alone.
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