Dual DVI-I to dual VGA displays

Have 18 systems coming with AMD FirePro V3900 card that has Dual DVI-I and DP outputs that says it can support spanning to 5 displays. I only want spanning to 2 displays, but the displays we already have are VGA only. I thought the cleanest way would be to just use a DVI-I to dual VGA cable and found the Matrox CAB-DVI-2XAF cable. But it is out of production and I can't find anybody that has Qty 18. Other DVI to dual VGA cables seem to just split a single output for 2 identical displays (not what I want).

Anyway, what is the best solution, one DVI to VGA adapter and one Display Port to VGA adapter for each system?
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  1. Most likely you will need to do 2x DVI to VGA adaptors and use the included Display port to DVI adpator.
  2. What Maetro said is correct.
    Dual link is not dual monitors, rather it supports addition 'data' channels for higher resolutions.
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