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will my internet speed go down if i hook up both my xbox and PC to....

Will my internet speed go down if I hook up my PC + my xbox 360 to a switch?
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  1. if nobody is going to reply after 30 views...... then im just going to purchase a switch
  2. [update] i bought a switch and found out the my internet speed will slow down when using both
  3. The connection is shared. If your solely gaming on both the difference in latency shouldn't be noticeable. However if you downloading or streaming videos on one then you'll notice it on the other.
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    The "Water pipe" analogy works extremely well for the internet. It doesn't matter how many taps you hook up to a water pipe, but how much water each tap tries to consume. Same thing with networks.

    As long as you don't consume more than about 90% of your bandwidth, you shouldn't notice any issues.

    eg. If you have a 30mbit line and Netflix is pulling down 5mbit and your video game is doing 1mbit, you still have 24mbit free.

    90% is a good rule of thumb for networks. As long as you don't consume over 90%, your games should work just fine and you shouldn't have buffering issues for your streams.
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