Case recommendations ?

This is what I have so far this
Looking for a 60ish dollar case maybe just a bit higher.
Also very important
Need the case to fit this card
Card dimensions are 11.69" x 5.5" x 1.73"
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  1. CM 912 @ $59.
    NZXT Source 210 Elite @$49.
    Thermaltake V3 Black @ $45
    Thermaltake V4 Black @$44
    Rosewill Redbone @$45
    Bit Fenix Merc @$49
    Antec one @$ 50
    Antec 300 @$45
  2. I like the cooler on the graphics card. But, the high back part of the cooler may be problematic when fit into a normal narrow case.

    I can suggest the SilverStone SST-PS07B which is wider than normal, and is a M-ATX case which is not overly large.
    It is $68 after rebate.

    I use a similar TJ-08E which has a quiet 180mm intake fan and would do the job superbly.
    But, it is $99
  3. Cases are very subjective, I am partial to the Carbide series from Corsair. The 300r is about $80 on newegg, if you want to stretch that far, and would fit your gpu cooler.

    Basically, though, get as many recommendations as you can and then find the case that is most appealing to you.
  4. Case:Corsair Carbide Series 300R Windowed Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
  5. COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer SGC-1000-KWN1 Black SECC / ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional ) Power Supply COOLER MASTER HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Black SECC/ ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
  6. Really depends on your style, too. I've used the NZXT Source 210, which is a nice case for the money if sleek is your style. I personally have the Challenger U3 because to the cooling. My last gaming build for a client, I used the Redbone. Any of those should fit your parts just fine.
  7. i have the Antec 100 it's awesome
    don't know if your card will fit
    but my hd 5770 silent cell
    could fit with no problem and it was huge!
    (it just died on me... I'm sad)
    like really huge.
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