Should these be Crossfired?...

System Stats: Maximus V motherboard / i7-2700K CPU@3.5GHz / win7pro / 60Hz Sony Bravia hdtv-hdmi / a:paging drive:60g patriot pyro ssd / C: main drive:1tb storage hdd (I know I need a better primary)/ b:150g backup hdd /

I want to know if I should Xfire these two GPUs or just get rid of the first one....

Radeon HD6570 1GB

Radeon HD 7950 3GB
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  1. Can't crossfire them, they are of different families.
  2. chugot9218 said:
    Can't crossfire them, they are of different families.

    :ouch: they are both MSI AMD Radeons... how much closer do they have to be to be family/crossfirable??
  3. They have to be cards of the same generation.

    Beware though, if you crossfire a low memory card, say, a 1GB, with a high memory one, like a 3GB the 3GB has to lower itself to 1GB of memory to be able to be synchronized with the 1GB card, so you will sacrifice 2GB of GDDR5 memory for slightly better performance.
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    Okay you can't crossfire these because they come from 2 different years of production notice how you have a 6570 and a 7950, the leading number tells you that they are one gen apart. Also i would no recommending using something like hybrid crossfire ever, normal crossfire is annoying enough at times, but hybrid can be much worse. I would just stick with one 7950 besides, that's all you need for 1080p :). Crossfire would be straight up overkill because your tv is only 60fps (hence the 60 hertz). I hope that cleared up any questions that you had :)
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