Fix my pc please

so my computer shut off the other day i was in the room and just watched it. now it wont turn on at all, no response when i hit the power button. what do you think is that matter? i switched out the power supply but im not sure if its a functioning one. same response with the new used one
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  1. I would suggest breadboarding (take all components out of the case and connect them) with minimal parts first. First issue is usually power supply - but it could be any of the components.

    Try with minimal RAM, no hard drives, etc., and see if it boots. If it doesn't - you may have a defective motherboard.
  2. just did the paperclip trick on the psu i get nothing. so im guessing it that
  3. Hi,
    First off, look at mobo for physical damage (especially capacitor around cpu).

    If it looks good, try to unplug and replug the psu.

    If nothing do a test with a power supply that works.

    Good luck
  4. That would be a good indicator....that test, while it gives you the results, can cause issues...I have done it with a volt meter....never with just a paperclip.
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