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Sli a asus and evga 550 ti?

I'm just curious if it's possible to SLI a EVGA 550 ti 1gb and a ASUS 550 ti 1 gb. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Yes it doesn't matter which company as long as the card is the same (both are 550ti)
  2. Just keep in mind that each manufacturer uses the same GPU for that specific card(i.e. 550) and just adds their own cooling, heat sink, OC, etc. to it.
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    You could crossfire the two 550ti cards. I would make sure to set them both two the same clocks though (one might be running at a higher frequency than the other. In this case overclock the lower frequency card.) Just make sure your fans are spinning fast enough and monitor your temps and power draw. I hope that helped :)
  4. Thanks so much! Now I've just got to order me a second vid card! Firefall the game is amazing and I'm sure it'll be even better on ultra high :) Thanks again to everyone who replied so quickly!
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