Issues with 7870

Hello, I'm in need of help.
My Gigabyte HD 7870 is not working at all. I'm trying to use it with an ASRock Z77 Extreme and my Polaroid television (by HDMI). It freezes at the beginning of the post screen. Any input is well appreciated!
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  1. The onboard graphics are working just fine, if that helps any.
    I'm really worried right now!
  2. What is your psu ?
  3. djangoringo said:
    What is your psu ?

    Antec 620C
  4. I've even tried the other PCIe slot (the third one has the psu in the way).
    I've also already installed the drivers and everything.
  5. AHH I really could use help here. I'm hoping it is just the crappy television.
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    is it overclocked? if it is try to underclock it....

    Do the fans spin up?

    What card did you have before?
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  8. Everything was spinning up, and it was at stock settings. Luckily, the problem seems to have solved itself!
    Thank you anyways guys!
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