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I have an HD5850 from about 3 years ago and recently I was a whore and upgrade from two 19 inch monitors to two 23 in monitors.I have start noticed some serious video lag during major scene changes when gaming (and running both monitors). I'm sure turning off one monitor would resolve the issue, but I'm suborn and I don't want to.

I was going to try to find a cheap card to run screen per monitor but I don't believe that is possible. I thought about trying to run crossfire the HD5800 and 5900 series have been discontinued and I think those are the only two cards I could pair together. I have seen used graphic cards for sale but that sounds risky - open to feedback on the subject though.

my MOBO supports PCI-e 2.0 and I was hoping to get away for under $200.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. At the price range you are describing I feel that places you with the 7850. Even though the 7850 is pci-e 3.0 it will still work and the difference is minimal.
  2. Thanks guy!

    Follow up, do you think that will solve my issue? The processors are only slightly better than what I have now with double the ram (which is obv a big difference). For reference:

    Does it make sense to do that or 2 of something like this: . I def have the power to support them and this card is similar to the single card I am running now.

    Its a little bit over my budget but I feel like its definite solution to my problem. The last thing I want to do is upgrade and not solve the issue.
  3. No it doesn't make sense to get 2 of the 7770 mainly because you get 1 gigabyte no matter what if you were to run crossfire in that configuration. The 7850 would be the best solution at the price point that you have laid out what manufacture is up to you. What does the rest of your system look like?
  4. 660ti's work great.
  5. He is wanting under 200. You aren't going to get a 660ti for under 200.
  6. you'll need atleast a HD7850. If you can step up to the 7870 then it will be the best bet.
  7. again 200 dollars dudes! 40 to 60 dollars above his 200 dollar range. a 7990 would be the best option if he could afford it but he can't so go within his means before suggesting out.
  8. I have an AMD 965 so I assume it plays best with an ATI card. Any manufacturer recommendations?
  9. Followup, is the 7870 sizable better then the 7850? I remember when I bought the 5850, the 5870 wasn't better a solid improvement for the cost.
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    It's not all about what CPU you have. There aren't things within a CPU now to say you have a AMD platform were going to play nicer with you. Point is that around 200 dollars the best option you really have for you is the 7850 now if you were to say $250.00 you have other options you have the 660Ti which is almost in that bracket you have the 7870 but keep this in mind the 7850 is a mid level card you are going to see mid level performance with a 7870 as well its not until the 7950 that you are going to see higher performance.

    The OP said he would like to spend 200 or less unless that changes the best option at the price point that he has laid out is the 7850. It's not even debatable there isn't a 200 dollar Nvidia card there is a 220 nvidia card the gtx 660 but its not 200

    7850 v 7870: Based off this I don't think you are getting 40-60 dollars more worth of performance.

    7850 v 7950: This is a more sizable upgrade
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  12. Awesome, Thanks!
  13. Hope whatever card you end up with it works out for you take care!
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