Can't fit Front panel i/O USB3 19 PIN connector to mobo

I am self building a new pc with a Corsair R400 case and an Asus Z77 Sabretooth mobo. Nearly finished but without cutting the case internally, I can't plug the 19 pin USB3 male connector into the socket on the side of the mobo. Reason is that the socket is too low and I can't get the mail connector level enough for it to go in. I'm'afraid, if I force it, that i will bend/break the pins in the socket.
I have already ordered a pci-e card with a USB3 header, but I want that for a USB3 internal card reader I'm also installing.
Does anyone know of a male to female right angle adaptor that might allow me to use the mobo socket - or am I going to have to use the metal cutters!
Any suggestions appreciated.
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  1. Cable is not too short. The Z77 mobo is set into a recess in the Corsair Carbide 400R case and there isn't sufficient room to the side of the recess for the connector to lie flat so as to push it straight into the horizontal mobo USB3 header socket. As it stands, the Corsair case is not compatible, without some 'metalwork', with my or any similarly designed mobo with the USB3 header socket situated horizontally on the side. Seems I'll have to get the hacksaw out!
    Thx anyway.
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