Maxtor, good or bad?

I used to buy Quantum HD all the time, I know it is under Maxtor right now. By reviewing this forum, most people said maxtor is very good performance and reliable. But from my past experience (for those that are under 10GB), Maxtor is not reliable, it always has bad sector. Are they improved in the last few years? Thanks!
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  1. I'm running a 4.2 and a 5.7 Maxtor with a IBM 6.4 Raid0 (NT) on this computer, NTFS.

    No problems. Nun.

    The 5.7 did pop some bad sectors back when it was on another computer, under win98. With the NTFS partition, there's no bad sectors detected. I don't think I've done a 'full' drive checkout on it yet, though...
  2. Bad sectors can be interpreted in many ways. They aren't always bad. I had a 7000 series Maxtor hard drive that was 1.2GB and it lasted five years (Was an OEM drive and was still in warranty when I replaced it). I got it replaced and got a 27GB hard drive for the replacement that lasted 3 years.

    How long ago were those smaller drives new? A little while ago. If you question it, why not get a Quantum :smile: .
  3. I had 7GB HDD ATA 66 that came with DELL XPS D300.
    It crashed after 2+years DELL replaced it with the same product, and that crashed after 2+years. Hmm, now MAXTOR offers 3year warranty. I thought of getting IBM HDD which is primary rival of MAXTOR. I am buying MAXTOR again because people say it's good, and I got a good deal at, 40GB 7200RPM ATA133 at $100. I hope this time it lives upto 3 years at least.
  4. I have had five Maxtor hard drives running 24/7 for around a year now with not a peep. No problems what-so-ever. If mine happens to fail around two years, I will still buy a Maxtor hard drive!

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  5. I don't continue to buy Quantum because it doesn't have new model coming up. All other brand has new and faster drive, ie: WD has a 8MB buffer drive, Maxtor has a new model that everyone is talking about (forgot what's that call). That's why I have to giveup Quantum, if Quantum has a new model, I will buy it, but I don't think they will since it is under Maxtor.
    The problem I had and my friends had with Maxtor not only with bad sector. We had about 4 - 5 Maxtor totally dead (all from different users, not from the same people), but most of them are those 2GB - 4 GB, all of them dead under 2 years.
  6. well, i think that the new drive that you are talking about is the D740x which is what i am running now, which is VERY fast, stable, and reliable so far.
    i have a maxtor 10 gig which is still kickin after about 3 years.
    if i think about it....most of the drives i use, dont even get used as the primary drive for more than 2 years.
    they always make something bigger, better, and faster than what i bought two years prior.
    i still use my older drives, but i would rather keep up to date...

    but maxtor drives have been good to me...
    my WD drives have been bad to me...
    hence the reason i buy maxtor... :smile:


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  7. Same here... All of the drives i've bought have been maxtor and the one im gonna order probably tomorrow is gonna be a maxtor, the D740x 40gb w/the FDB bearings. I've seen LOTS of wd's fail. Stopped counting after about 5. Even newer wd's that are starting to go. My last Maxtor put up with quite some abuse (accidental case hitting) and it's still running so smooth you'd think it's off.

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