Best GPU for this build?

I'm looking for the best GPU to run at most games on ultra with acceptable frame rates (Yes, I know this is asking alot):

AMD A8-3850k CPU (OCed to 3.3 GHz)
G. Skill 16GB RAM
Western Digital 500GB 10000 RPM HDD

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  1. aint happening bro.

    -apus are never meant to be run with another GPU
    -16gb of ram is useless if you are not video editing (which will suck on a APU)
    -10k rpm hard drives are useless
  2. Your best bet is to purchase an HD 6570, and you can crossfire this with the 6550D that the APU has integrated.

    Scratch that, it is actually probably your only option.
    It will be quite a bit faster, but lower frame-rates might irritate you more due to some microstuttering.
    This card is on sale right now, and has a rebate. The end price means you only pay $40 for the video card.

    Other than this, your only option would be to rebuild with a non APU based PC, which would not be cost effective.
  3. dude, hes trying to get ULTRA settings. maybe on a 800x600 screen but other wise impoosible with a cheap apu
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