Backlight goes out when entering/exiting fullscreen games?


I am new to posting here but I have a question that is I believe quite unrelated to the rest of the "black screen when entering full screen games" issues that have been posted in this forum. The main reason for this is that when I enter a full screen game, the screen will become black, but I can still see that there are things being displayed, however they are extremely dark, as though the monitor back-light had shut off. The monitor however stays consistently on, and does not go to a blinking power-saver light mode.

I'll post my system specifications if someone thinks that is the issue, but I am inclined to think there is an issue with the monitor? I don't really quite understand how the graphics card and the monitor exchange information, but if I can see the image clearly, except it is exceptionally dark (it basically looks black unless I look very closely), I assume it would be the monitor not outputting the correct amount of light. It never used to do this but I have only had the monitor for like 3 months and after about 1 month I noticed the issue. Turning the monitor off and then on will cause it to "reset" and display everything properly, but this is pretty annoying to have to do every time I enter or exit a full screen game.

I have an AMD Radeon 7850 that is fairly new (the entire PC is only about 3 months old).
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  1. Also, as a side note, when the screen goes out (backlight or whatever, it's very dark), opening the monitor's menu up on the bottom right is also extremely dark as well.
  2. Well, never mind, I finally solved the issue. Apparently if my monitor's brightness is at 0, and I enter or exit a full screen game, it has a chance to randomly do it. Putting it back to a higher value than 0 has fixed the issue, I just never really tied the two together.

    Thanks Tom's Hardware!
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