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Why hasn't anybody done this yet? I happened to be looking over the archives today, as I found myself wondering if it would be possible to make a 512MB+ RAMDrive in Win98SE (apparently, it wouldn't be :) ), and I caught a couple of posts by Crashman suggesting that somebody design a PCI card with DIMM slots, a battery, and some sort of controller chip - and nobody really seemed to care all that much.

Why? If I were an engineer, I'd jump all over this idea. After R&D, this product would be dirt cheap to produce. Sell it for a few hundred bucks (bare, with no RAM), and the performance segment of the market would make it the year's hottest product. Before too long you'd have a company like Seagate or Western Digital beating down your door and making you multi-million dollar offers for the purchase of your company and intellectual property.

Maybe nobody here is a qualified engineer - but seriously, WHY hasn't anybody done something like this? Solid state drives are priced out of any consumer's range, but you could produce the same thing, offering less capacity but similar performance, for far less - and I can guarantee that computer owners would snap it right up.

I'm just salivating over the thought of digital computer-based recording with NO drop outs and hard drive cranks, and SILENCE!

So why hasn't anybody out there done this yet? Sounds like a genius idea to me, not to mention a really innovative way to increase the performance of your computer - no matter what you use it for.
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  1. sorry to say but i think you're idea has already been done.. at least from what you've wrote. You want to make a pci card or something to connect to the comptuer that uses ram? there is a company called platypus that makes a product called qikdrive (not a typo, thats how its spelled).. anyway you can buy this drive and add up to 8gb of ram. Check it out. http://www.platypus.net/default2.asp

    Putting the laughter back in to Slaughter.
  2. I suggest a SCSI interface as it would allow you to add as many RAMDRIVES as you want and preserve slot space.

    BTW, I'm no longer using the CUSL2, if you're still having video power problems I can put it in a case and give you a good deal. I'll even shown you your cards running on it.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. i know a guy that made one out of old simms. i think he used it for a recorder of some kind. he told me a story about how he made a similar device for the military to play messages to landing planes or somthing like that.

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
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