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Hi people at Tom's Hardware. I have a terrible situation on my hand and I cannot for the life of me fix it. My problem here is that my computer is randomly restarting on it's own and the monitor isn't coming back to life.. I had this issue before when I had two GPU's installed, and the fix was to take one out and run just one. At first it seemed to fix it but I was wrong.

Back when I had my two GPU's in, it wouldn't shut down if just browsing the internet, after 3-4 games of LoL it'd shut down, or after 10 minutes of WoW it'd shut down. I took it to my local computer store to get it looked at and for the life of me I couldn't replicate the shut down. Even after stressing out the CPU, Ram, and GPU's all to 100%. I was also able to play WoW for a good hour until I decided to just go home. When I got home though it was the exact same problem, 10 minutes and bam shut down. I removed the GTX 570 from my motherboard, and I was able to play WoW the rest of the night no problems (this was last night).

I turned my computer on this morning to download something and it's been running for awhile, and I played a few games of LoL, streamed a 2 episodes of Anger managment. I went to go fill out my passport and BOOM it just restarted on me. I am unable to get video onto my monitor after it's been restarted unless I turn it off then back on.

My Specs are:
GTX 680
8GB Ram
I5 2500 (I beleive)
Asus Mother board P8H5-V or something like that
750W PSU Coolermaster Bronze

I am running 1080P on a 40" LED Samsung TV, along with Logitech Speakers..

P.S When my comp restarts nothing else turns off, or restarts, all I am getting is Kernal-Power in event viewer saying an Unexpected shut down has occurred.

PLEASE I really need help here. This is starting to really annoy me.
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  1. can you try another power supply? funny same thing was happening to me. i took it to a computer repaIr store, they said they ran it for 2 hours and no restarts, brought it home.... 30minutes and restart!

    I'm pretty sure its the psu...
  2. I could try another PSU, maybe talk to my Computer Store guys and see if they'll let me bring home one to test it out at my place. That way since it wasn't happening at the shop and I know it happens here, I can at least knock that out of my list.

    But they tested my PSU and it was all good, the values were a little higher than normal (talking .05-.1 of a value)..
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