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2 gtx 680 superclocked... is it worth it?

I am currently researching hardware for my new gaming rig, after a bit of research I got the idea of running 2 EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked graphics cards in SLI. I want to know, is it worth spending the extra $470 on the second? Is there another setup that would yield similar performance while cutting the price? If the price could be reduced enough I figured I would get a new 1080p monitor and maybe a new headset! I am somewhat partial to Nividia although I'm not against a good AMD setup.

NOTE: I want a setup that can run any game on ultra settings, preferably a setup that can do so for at least a few years because I cant spend this much money very often.

NOTE 2: I am still fairly new to the graphics card scene, as this will be an upgrade from the *shudders* Nividia Geforce GT 520.

EDIT: My current estimated price for 2 gtx 680's is about $940.
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  1. So you're gonna get a 1080p monitor...just drop the plans for sli and get a 670 gtx gigabyte oc/evga ftw or a 7970 sapphire vapor-x ghz edition, even for 1440p it's an overkill having two 680 gtx supeclocked.
    Just buy a really good monitor and a single card, you won't notice the difference and i bet the refresh rate will be 60hz.
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    Two 680s on a 1080p monitor is beyond overkill. If you wanted to go with like 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 then that would be a great setup. But if you want just one 1080p monitor 1 gtx 680 would be more than enough. Really i think you would be fine with a 670, however the choice is up to you if you feel like you need the extra horsepower. I hope this helped :)
  3. for a single 1080p monitor setup, grab a 670, OC that baby; *BOOM*. a GTX 680. more than plenty in most cases, for the next 3 years or so.
  4. I'd only see going for 2 670's at 1080p if you are doing 3D Vision or 120hz. At 60hz, you'll rarely ever see a difference beyond 1.
  5. ^Even at 120hz, my single 670 will max out every game but BF3, Witcher 2, and Metro 2033
  6. DarkSable said:
    ^Even at 120hz, my single 670 will max out every game but BF3, Witcher 2, and Metro 2033

    If you went with a 120hz monitor, you most likely want near 120 FPS. A single 670 will not get near 120hz in a ton of games.
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