USB 3 Front End Case Cable Has USB 3 Male A?

I am building a new computer using a Corsaie 650D Case and Asus P9X79 Deluxe MoBo. The case front side USB 3 cable to the mobo is a male A and not a 20 pin header connection. I really do not want to run it through the case out the back. The mobo does have a USB 3 20 pin header. How can I connect the front side USB 3 to the mobo 20 pin connector. I am new at this and I could use some help from the site EXPERTS. Thanks
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    Buy an adapter similiar to the one in the link. I have a case with the same issue, but I just ran it through to the back. (Solid sides, no windows so it don't matter). Feel free to select as 'best answer.' Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the help. iIwas not sure which way to proceed. The adapter you selected works great. I was going to purchase a "Y" cable with a 20 pin adapter on one end and the two cables were female USB 3. This takes less space and easy to apply. Again Thanks for the Help.
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