so i want to get the xfx double D 7850 and i have a xfx 450 power supply. my issue is my Psu only has one 6 pin and that card requires 2. i have 3 open molex on my rig and i want to know if its safe to get a molex to 6pin. i would really like to not have to buy another Psu. i heard molex put out the same power as a 6 pin, just different kind of adapter. i also see that some Gpu come with the adapter, so i want to know it its safe.

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  1. Your idea will work. You can connect to an open molex to provide the other 6 pin power connector to the GPU you want. The question is what else is that PSU powering. You dont want to over tax your PSU.
  2. all i have its my 1 hardrive, cpu, mother board, 3 fans, disc drive(never gets used and could be unplugged) and for USB i have turtle beaches.
    thats all i have running
  3. You should be fine then.
  4. I have a ATI RADEON HD 4870 card. when i boot my pc first time
    it works fine. But if i reboot my pc display card not work. so i turn of pc and disconnect pc from power. After couple of hours card works again. please help me to find some solution. How about bios flash? will it work?
  5. Open another thread please for that new topic
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