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I primarily use my pc for playing bf3,some video editing, and general use. About two months ago I started noticing artifacts (green and purple dots) and some tearing on my screen. I also sarted to get black screens while playing games that would reset back to normal after a second or so. I figured that was the gpu drivers reseting. I assumed theat the video card was failing

So for christmas I upgraded the GPU from a 560ti to a 660. and the I3 to an I5 2500K. Installed both items and now the problems even worse.

So now Im assuming it is either the mobo (z68 gen 3) or the PSU(corsair tx750). I dont think any HDD or RAM problem would cause this.

SO any Ideas I dont know where to go from here. The PC is still very usable. The Performance increase from the I5 and the 660 has been about 50%. All the temps for everything is normal ranges.

Any suggestions would really help
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  1. Could be the screen? Other then that, power supply or mobo.
  2. I factored in the screen but due to the random nature that the dots show up I kind of ruled it out. Also To have that many pixels go at once seems unlikely to me.

    I have been considering testing the PSU with a multi meter, but I have never done that before and that makes me nervous. Unfortunatley I have no new psu's to test it on.

    I guess the power supply would be an easier test than a new mobo. I really dont want to order a new mobo, rebuild the whole thing just to find out it was the PSU
  3. Is your psu a good quality form a good manufacturer such as seasonic, corsair etc? or some crappy one? If its a crappy one, replace it with a good one such as the xfx 550w core for only $50. This will upgrade your computer and attempt to solve your problem all in one

    EDIT: i need to read posts better... is your psu under warranty? maybe its your gpu. is that under warranty? what manufacturer is the gpu?
  4. Both Video Card are MSI's the 560ti is a bit older and the 660 is like 5 days old. The problem is worse on the 660. Which leads me to belive that the PSU or mobo is bad or maybe the PCI slot is bad and was made worse when I swapped out the cards.

    I bought a new PS tonight and going to try and swap that out, see if it solves the problem. After that Im going to try the mobo. After that Im stuck. Could this be the drivers?

    I have updated to latest invidia drivers but Im really not sure what drivers I need to update for the mobo
  5. Should not be drivers... could be the pci slot, do you have more then one pci slot to try this theory?
  6. if this card is a asus or a asrock they both have 3 pci-e slot so you could test on the 2 other slot,also check you video cable to the monitor .
  7. No problem in u r system . update bios . load default setting in bios . reinstall os .update os . u r problem solved 100%.
  8. never thought of that yeah ^+1

    one thing before you do this is update your drivers to sturdy drivers(look it up online which ones are good) and see if that fixes this, if it does not then try plugging your computer into a TV and see if the dots are still there if they are then its your gpu either defective your you need to do what hytec just said, if they are not there then you monitor is defective)
  9. I think it may be solved. I had been running the dvi connector on my 560 because the little adaptor for the hdmi had bent and become loose. So when I switched to the 660 I just kept using the dvi.

    Prior to doing the bios and all the drivers, I decided to test scouts theory since it was the easiest. I try the hdmi connection, and problem instantly solved. Switched back to the dvi dots are back. So I think it may be solved. Ill be playing games all day today so I'm hoping not to see any problems. Thanks everybody for your help. Im a little frustrated that this was so easy and I was so stressed out about it, but on the other hand I'll take the easiest, cheapest(free) and quickest solution every time.

    On a side note the hdmi seems a little darker and/or less crisp of an image, I thought that dvi and hdmi are the same video quality. Do I just need to adjust settings?
  10. Possibly... Or it could just be your self tricking yourself though just turn up the brightness o, you monitor and he contrast and is that makes it any bettr
  11. try the auto ajust on your monitor also check if the refresh rate is 60 hz .
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