Is it possible to use movie theater glasses on a computer?

I found this video on Reddit
if there any software to do this?
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  1. It's LG's 3D TV. It's like Cinemax3D. One eye's image is polarized vertically and the other's horizontally. So when you put on their glasses with a correct filter on each eye you see 3D. Because one eye sees image reserved for one eye and the second sees image reserved for the second eye. If I'm not mistaken the TV is doing all the work here - it's emitting two polarized images "thinking" you see one with each eye. Instead you tear glasses, switch one to right eye-right eye and the second to left-left. The effect is as follows, but you need a specific tv (any monitors support that?) that can merge two channels into one 3D AND supports polarized 3D AND you need glasses. So i highly doubt any software will achieve that, because usually monitors can't control polarization of light they emit. Wow, that was long :D
  2. Thats pretty neat.
    Based on my understanding of High School Physics, everything Yeti said is true.
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