Building a new workstation and I need suggestions

Hi all,

Well, I guess I wanted some suggestions on products you would recommend that would suite my needs. I'm trying to build a new desktop/workstation. It will be used only for processing 3d data, Arc GIS mapping(Arc Scene), proccesing point cloud data from LIDAR scans and Adobe Programs. I bought an AMD 8150 w/an Asus M5A99X board. I couldn't be more disapointed. My laptop beats this new AMD chipset and my laptop is only a sandybridge i-5 2410 with intel 3000 graphics. . . . Granted, I know the software I'm using can't use all 8 cores on the AMD chip. . . But this is where your suggestions are needed? What the heck do I need to buy. I have 32gb of 1800mhz ram, 2x480gb SSD sandisk extremes, and can pretty much afford anything you tell me I need.

Don't ask me why i bought AMD because I've been fond of Intel for years, but I read a lot of great things about the 8150 and now I'm probably going to use it as a paper weight. Oh, and my graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 650, but I'm probably going to upgrade to an AMD w7000 workstation card in a week or so, but from what I read my M5A99X won't work with a w7000. So, please be kind a throw me some suggestions. I'm really not interested in building a render farm because I'm a student and don't know if I'm going to be doing this the rest of my life.

Thanks guys!

GTX 650
32GB of 1800mhz Patriot Ram
Asus M5A99X
*** tons of fans and a liquid cooling system
RX-700AC atx power supply
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  1. Well, actually I just ran CPU-Z and it's saying that my GTX 650ti's memory size is 0 Mbtyes... ? is that right? Now i need to figure this out. . . any suggestions??
  2. for starters, you should be using graphics cards from Nvidia's Quadro line or AMD's FireGL line for workstation/3d/CAD. consumer cards like the GTX650 lack a lot of the extensions and hardware acceleration that make 3D/CAD type work much faster.

    Now for a question: are you using this to make money as in your business? If so, why are you trying to build a machine. Buy a workstation class machine from HP or Dell and write off the cost.
  3. Yes, it's for making money. I fly LIDAR drones for advanced mapping and surveying. I'm going to get an AMD w7000(replacement to the fire-pro 7900) next week to replace this graphics card. But, I guess the reason I didn't buy a pre-made workstation is because I figured I could build one cheaper and with newer components. Now i'm finding that I didn't buy the right stuff and I'm goint to be out about $500. :( Oh, well. I'll look into those. Thanks for the help!!! :)
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