MSI Afterburner and gtx660ti

Not certain if this is the right location for this, but I am hoping someone with experience can help me.

My concern is temperatures as im gaming. Now I know i can automatically define a Heat/Fan curve in the settings. However I am

not certain if my graph is good enough for my gfx card not to heat up too much. With the way I have it set up now it reaches

70 degrees Celsius or so on load. I am aiming to have maybe 60 - 65 degrees on load. Does anyone have any idea or

suggestions on how to set my curve so I may be able to achieve the temperatures that i have stated above?
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  1. 70 degrees is pretty good. Here is how my curve looks like:

    And it depends on game, really. On World of Warcraft, I don't go above 60°C. However, Witcher 2 causes it to heat up to 75°C.
  2. 70C is not that hot. My 6950 used to run about 75 depending on the game. Generally DX11 games make it work harder.
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